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Insurance Claims.

Whether your are in Loveland or Greeley, Fort Collins or Windsor, Wellington or Longmont, Berthoud or Johnstown, contact us today to schedule your hail damage roof repairs.

Providing insurance assistance and prompt roof replacement
Many Colorado homes are affected by hail and wind damage every year, which can compromise the integrity of your shingle roof. Cornerstone Roofing LLC offers free roof inspections for storm damage. If your inspection uncovers a problem, trust us to take care of of your roofing needs. Reach out today to schedule your initial inspection. 

Repairs you can trust. A roof you can depend on.
Dealing with storm damage can be stressful. Our team is expereienced in working with insurance companies and we can help take the stress out of this process. Let us help you...

-Assess your roof to determine the extent of your damage.
-Meet with your insurance adjuster to go over your repair needs.
-Make sure your claim covers all necessary repairs.
-Get started with your repairs as soon as your claim is approved.

Reach out to us today to learn how you can get the process started.